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Positive news about dementia treatment with medical marijuana

Dementia is a very serious disease and there are millions of people all over the world suffering from this health condition. Dementia is not a disease, but it is a symptom that is present in various diseases. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common diseases where dementia occurs. So, any news about a new therapy is always welcomed by physicians, people who suffer from dementia and people who are caregivers to those affected by dementia.

Role of medical marijuana in dementia treatment

  1. Lack of severe side effects: Just like any other medication that is used in the treatment of dementia, the use of medical marijuana also has a few side effects. But, when compared to the beneficial effects of this new drug, the side effects are very minimal and this is why it is used by some physicians.
  2. Higher dose could be more beneficial: The current research that has been done using medical marijuana to treat dementia has been done with a very low dose of the drug. There is a possibility that a higher dose of this unique wonder drug could be more beneficial to patients in alleviating symptoms of dementia. If new research shows that a higher dose of medical marijuana can help in reducing the symptoms of dementia, then more physicians will join the bandwagon of treating this disease with medical marijuana.
  3. Treatment of related diseases: Not only will the use of marijuana be helpful in overcoming dementia in Alzheimer’s disease, but it will also be useful in the treatment of dementia in various other conditions. There will be improved function of the brain and the affected person will be able to remember more than before.
  4. Prevents progression of the disease: The other major benefit of using medical marijuana AK 48 is that the THC which is present in the drug can help in preventing the progression of the disease. In those who are suffering from dementia, certain proteins are formed in the brain that can accelerate the disease. When the THC is used regularly, there is a deceleration in the dementia causing proteins. This will help in further reducing the dementia and the effects of dementia.

Though there is still a lot of discussion on the usefulness of medical marijuana and how effective it is . for example you can buy feminized seeds marijuana at Dutchseedsshop, many patients seem to prefer this new drug because of its effectiveness. Further research will help in identifying more benefits of using medical marijuana in treating dementia.

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Hope overcomes fear in medical marijuana users

Marijuana traditionally has been shunned by people because it is thought to be a drug that substance users use. Today, the same drug is being sought after for its medicinal effect. Many people who had a fear regarding this drug are now hoping that it will be legalized, so that it can be used for various ailments. There are several ailments that are incurable with any other medications and the only drug that is able to help them overcome these diseases is medical marijuana.

Why medical marijuana creates hope in ailing people

1. Reduces seizures: Medical marijuana creates a ray of hope in millions of people who suffer from regular seizures. The most commonly affected people are kids who suffer from seizures from a very young age. Parents who are unable to see their kids suffer with repeated seizures are trying their best to help them with this new therapy that has helped to reduce the intensity and the frequency of seizures. There are several case studies where the epileptic seizures have completely stopped.

The White Widow marijuana Strain2. Maintains muscle tone: Spasticity is a condition where the muscle tone is very high. When the muscle tone is high, it prevents the affected person from moving their limbs freely. This restricts movement and activity. Spasticity can be caused due to various neurological conditions where the brain sends quick impulses that keep the muscles in a state of continuous contraction. The traditional treatments apart, medical marijuana has been helping many patients with spasticity to overcome this disabling muscle condition. Medical marijuana helps in relaxing the muscles to such an extent that people who use this drug are able to resume their normal activities within a few days of therapy.

3. Fibromyalgia treatment: Fibromyalgia is a dreadful condition where there is severe pain. The pain does not subside with normal pain killers. Even the use of high doses of pain killers usually does not relieve the pain. On the other hand, the use of medical marijuana is able to get rid of the pain to a great extent.

Most people who suffer from these disabling diseases hope that their suffering and pain can be relieved with this wonderful therapy that has helped many others who have used it. People whose activities have been restricted because of disease have a new ray of hope with the use of medical marijuana. It has proved to be an effective adjunct therapy in the treatment of pain, spasticity and also seizures.

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Get rid of depression for good with medical marijuana

Depression can be a chronic problem. There are a lot of people suffering from mild forms of the disease, but there are others who may be suffering from more severe forms of the disease that may need medication and hospitalization. There are some who suffer from very severe bouts of depression that leads them to attempt suicide. Medical marijuana is one of the best treatments that are available to get rid of this depression for good.

Signs of depression overcome with medical marijuana in following ways:

  1. Relaxation: Medical marijuana helps in the relaxation of the mind. There are certain chemicals in the brain that can cause depression because of their excessive release. The medical marijuana can help to control such chemicals and provides stability in the brain, preventing excessive stress and anxiety. A person who is relaxed will be able to overcome depression and this is another method in which this drug helps to treat depression.
  2. Mood elation: Medical marijuana also helps in overcoming depression by improving the mood of the person. Mood swings is seen in depression and this is prevented by providing a stable mood for those who are having psychiatric problems. Medical marijuana can cause mild elation. This is because of the control of the release of certain chemicals they cause depression. Medical marijuana can also help in preventing stress and anxiety, which are also signs of depression. When stress and anxiety are controlled, it can provide mild elation that helps in overcoming depression.

Why to use medical marijuana when other medications are available

kuch marijuana KCOne of the common queries that medical practitioners get when they treat patients with depression is why this controversial medication has to be used when there are other conventional medications available. The real answer to this question is that the conventional psychiatric drugs have a lot of side effects and can cause more problems than what they are trying to solve. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, can treat depression and other psychiatric disorders with the most minimal symptoms. Even if this medication is used for long periods of time, it will not cause major side effects, while at the same time controlling the various signs and symptoms of depression.

The use of medical marijuana as a treatment of depression has helped many thousands of people already. More research is being done with higher disease of this drug being used. It is also being tried out as treatment for other psychiatric disorders and initial results seem to be very promising.